Full Circle

17 05 2008

Once again, welcome to my small corner of the web.  I have been kept up lately as I become more and more interested in how I can begin investing my money.  I am a 25 year old guy, living in the northern suburbs of chicago, and looking for the best way to ensure that I can have the means to live comfortably.  Undertsndably we are in a strange situation right now with the economy, gas prices, and housing, yet I am a firm believer that every situation has the potential to yield positive results.  The pendulum is always swinging, it’s only whether or not you are on the right side.

So, for almost two weeks now, I have been stuck to CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, and my impromptu e*Trade accound.  And dont look past the Yahoo and Google Finance services.  Very Very useful tools, minus the real time tickers.  According to MSN, they still offer a ‘real-time’ ticker, but I did not find it super useful.  It would appear that it is functional to reach into my measley savings and shivel out for one once I find my top picks.  Being so green with the investment world, I have to admit, although I had some very minimal knowledge I learned in school, the world of Investemnt is a fascinating, fast moving, earth shaking the world.  If you want to see what will hit the headlines in three days, see what deals are changing hands today.  It is a fascinating take on the world, and an awesome way to learn about the world of business.

Are you interested in being an entrepreneur or philanthropist, but are not quite sure how, just take a few weeks, and catch yourself up with the happenings in this world, and take notes.  You will understand more about business and money than you can shake a stick at.  I speak about this in such broad open terms because I have always had a moral dilemma with getting involved with the financial world.  I was always the person who either neglected, or spoke about these things with complete contempt, or detatchment.  Never assuming that there could be a good person in this world which is so centered around greed, yet such is not the case.  Yes there is number crunching, and money, and business everywhere, but the people are no different than what is happening in any other industry.  The difference, every other indussty will outlet into this one.  Crazyness.




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