9 06 2008

ubuntu HomeSo, I am stumbling through the web one day, and I come accross a blog from this gentleman who talks about a life without Microsoft.  The gentleman talks of a new OS he is using called Ubuntu, and how he has found it to take leaps and bounds over what your traditional windows has to offer.  So after performing some research, and reading some more documentation, I decided to give it a try.  I downloaded the system right off of it’s website.

Set-up was a breeze, and withing minutes, I had the OS set up on my system with a 50GB partition on my C Drive.  Upon first launch, I got into the desktop, and found myself in a simple, smooth running interface, reminiscent of older Mac systems fused with microsoft, and with a fluidity of motion only seen in the newer OS’s.  After a bit more research, and some more tweaking, I have found that for a completely free OS based in South Africa, there is no reason why anyone should not take the time to check out this new way to do their Daily computing.

Being one of those never willing to take the time to learn how to be very functional in Mac, but willing to get out of Micrsofts Iron Grasp, this was the perfect way for me to start thinking outside the box, and learn how to take advantage of the Open Source revolution.  It took me about six hours total in time tinkering until I figured out how to modify My Ubuntu to the same level, and now that it is there, I am never going back.  Here is a video of someone showing off their Ubuntu Set-Up against Vista and a good way to see all that you could do.

The only cons I have found with the system is that you cannot just open the box and run with this software.  It takes time to learn, and for lifers of windows, It will take an adjustment period, but GOD is it worth it!  With a 256mb Nvidia Card, I am running at 500-800 fps on my desktop!!!  OMFG!!!




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