Pros and cons of the Internet in Today’s Society

31 07 2008

The Internet plays an irreversible role in the world today, and stands as a testament as to just how fast our world moves now. Things grow so popular, and then lose attention in a day. Trends are started and popular in a click, and superstars are born overnight on YouTube. Thats all fine, but what does this mean for our society? In the corporate world, it stands for productivity. You can find ANY form of information on the web. You can almost accomplish any goal nowadays, and it is getting ready to turn the television sets in our home obsolete.

The Internet single handedly changed how we listen to music, watch TV, gain information, publish information, get famous, cause crimes, and even just operate as a society. In these countries where the Net plays an irreversible role, we have learned how to tie worlds together through this digital realm of data. Yes, hackers have found countless ways to wreak digital crime, and thus we have a whole new way of losing our identities, personal financial information, or even our ‘cherished’ Windows Operating System, but these are the prices we pay due to the advances in our world. For every positive, there will be an equal, and balancing negative.

You can track this whole development back to Mr. gates, and Mr. Jobs, who really led this digital pioneering by creating the products that would bring the Internet so close to home. After major leaps and bounds through the 60’s, 70’s, & 80’s in communications technology, the Internet was first born to many colleges and universities. First used in these universities laboratories, the Net played a role in the cold war by scientists as a form of communication to alert each other on the threat of nuclear war.

As the dynamics and possibilities of inter-personal communication grows, so will the complication, and depth of the net. After roughly 16 years of wide spread public use, the Internet is getting ready to spawn out of its adolescent phase, and start turning into the adult we all know it can be.




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