How the Music Industry is Killing Itself

8 08 2008

The music industry is killing itself with its constant feelings of having to manufacture the next big star. The people running these industries are looking only at their pocketbooks, and missing touch with the one thing that actually matters, the music.

People have completely forgotten the thought of doing something for ideal, rather than its marketability. Musicians get lost in dreams of the limelight, and lose complete focus of why they even began their journey in the first place.

The birth of digital music, on line streaming and downloading, all landed huge blows to the industry. Something they just were not prepared for, and a service that tore the whole entertainment industry apart at the seams.

Similar to the strikes in professional sports, Music stars started demanding more security, more compensation, and fighting their potential loss in profit, and the labels doing just the same. Legal ramifications became a mainstay, and the freedom that so much of our best music stood for, suddenly became lost.

Even some of the independent, outsourced labels are finding it difficult to adapt to these new circumstances standing between them, and the mainstream. Mainly because it is no longer a stream, but an ocean of music and artists associating with countless categories of taste and preference.

With the American public becoming bored with the manufactured success created by big record labels and Television Channels like VH1 and MTV, they are starting to find new places to turn. As well, musicians are finding new and innovative ways to distribute themselves to the masses with the medium created by the Internet.

If the Big 5 labels are going to survive, they will have to utilize new and freedom based ways of enticing artists to work with them, rather than treat them like indentured servants, at the disposal of some corporate suit. When a band can release their music world wide, while retaining rights, and making near 100% profit, it will be difficult to sway someone to the creative blocks created by labels and managers.

A new age of music is being born, as the dust settles from the turn of the century. All we can do, is wait and see who comes out on top of this musical drought we have been instilled in for almost a decade now. Your best bet is to start looking into the cracks of the Internet, and watching who has what it takes to be our savior in these times of darkness.




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