Reflections on Lifecasting

13 08 2008

In an age where the gap between people seems to only be filled by digital fulfillment, it seems almost natural for people to broadcast themselves on the net. When people start to find that people out there, somewhere, are willing to embrace an individual for whatever they feel compelled to publish to the web, they achieve a sense of fulfillment. People have become overnight stars on YouTube, and Blogs that make thousands of dollars a month, all because some peoples opinions and impulses are valuable.

What people are learning is that someone, somewhere, will appreciate you. Especially for the teenager in high school who feels rejection from the people in their immediate life, receive that fulfillment from the people that give them ‘hits’ on their page. The person that gives them the most positive feedback becomes a ‘good’ friend. Then all you have to do is work with your following, and generate a valuable, successful and fulfilling future from lifecasting.

Lifecasting is an easy world to get lost in, but it can teach you a lot about yourself. What are you interested in, and why? How can you portray these things to people in a way to make them want to know more about you? When the net was starting to emerge, there were plenty of news reports about Internet addicts, and people staying up all night, gaining insomnia from their need to surf the web. These people were ridiculed for their impulse, but thanks to those early pioneers, we now have sites like Google, YouTube, Myspace, Facebook, and many many more that contribute so much to many peoples daily lives.

The art of lifecasting can be a very therapeutic action, especially for the socially rejected. Anyone can find a home on the Internet. All you have to do is Google it!




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