How to Effectively Search the Internet

24 12 2009

The internet is a vast sea of information. There are plenty of sights along the way to grab your attention, and divert you from your initial goals, knowledge, or entertainment, or both. The web has grown and evolved into a multi-faceted realm of bright lights, flashing colors, and countless enticing deals. There are just as many Easter eggs containing little nuggets like pictures, videos, perspectives, art, poetry, and expression of all kinds. Wave after wave of information is projected at the surfer until they are potentially overwhelmed, and either lose sight of their initial goal, or find something new to help them along the way.

The question you need to answer before any searching happens is, ‘What goal do I have in mind right now, entertainment, or information?’ Once that is all cleared up, there are two main routes you can take to greatly achieve these goals.

First, we will cover information. In order to properly search for accurate or obscure titles covering the subject you are interested in right now, you have to think like a search engine. Everything comes down to two main factors, what keywords are you using, and what are other people searching as well to make something ‘popular’ enough to be prevalent to what you are searching for. Confusing? Well the internet is, so get used to it. If you are looking for something, chances are, at least 10,000 other people are looking for the same thing. They have either tried, or are trying. A search engine will compile this experience and work to display for you what it ‘assumes’ you are looking for. A great way to see how these things change is to type ‘How To’ or ‘What is’ into Google, and let the search engine complete the sentence for you, and see what pops up.

So what I am trying to say is that you need to manipulate the attention of a search engine in your favor. Word your queries appropriately. If you need a new type of fertilizer for your farm because you heard of some other Joe using some brand new formula that makes his Crops grow twice as fast, don’t just search ‘fertilizer’. Search ‘Best Fertilizer’ , or ‘New Fertilizer’. Ask a question like ‘What is the best fertilizer’. ‘How do you make great fertilizer’. The great thing about this practice is that it makes you refine your search by new ‘Keywords’. Words that will help narrow your search, and relate to the subject you are interested in. That is a good start to learning how to find what you want on the internet.

Now, say your not interested in learning about the technological wonders of fertilizer. Instead you want to find a video of a bunch of Japanese kids that tied a mallet to a remote controlled car and drove it down a row of wine bottles and when the mallet hit the bottles as the car drove it played the Level 1 song from Super Mario Brothers. Well my friend, then you are in luck! There are many tools out there to help you waste countless hours on the internet. I am going to enlighten you to just one. One is really enough, and if you get bored with it, I am sorry.

Wander over to a little old site call Stumble Upon is an amazing sight that uses millions of peoples opinions to jointly create a pool of sights considered cool, and popular on the net. All of these sights are broken down into applicable interests, and can relate to any lifestyle. As the user, your only responsibility is to tell this program what you are interested in. Once done, you click a small button that will enable you to ‘Stumble’ across the internet. When you get to a site you can either ‘Thumbs-Up’ or ‘Thumbs-Down’ the site for its content, and then have your impact on the popularity of this site. Quite possibly the coolest, most fun, and most addicting way to browse the web for relevant, interesting, and rich content that will keep you coming back for more.

Either way you look at it, the World Wide Web is your canvas, to paint upon iot the knowledge you wish to receive. The possibilities are endless. Go and search to your hearts content. And share with the rest of us what you have found so we may all grow from this amazing tool.




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