Theatre, the Lost Interest

29 12 2009

Few moments can compare to the anticipation of going out to the theaters, waiting to see the next big movie of the year. You know, the one you have been anticipating for the last month. The one that makes you giddy when a television commercial comes on and you have to point to the screen so everyone knows you want to go see it. Then, Making it out on release night, standing there with like minded people who only wish to enjoy the same experience. The shared joy and anticipation that could only relate to Christmas morning. Even the ‘bit too long’ previews that ensue before your feature presentation, that only help to urge the suspense.

Do you have an acne faced teenager dressed in a funny little suit selling you your popcorn in your kitchen? Do you possess studio seating in your living room? Do you hold DVD release party’s for friends and family that only work to egg on the fun that is our Entertainment? Probably not. In today’s day and age it is becoming increasingly easier for people to fill their homes with premium audio and video equipment to make an enhanced experience that is closer to the real thing. And yes, some fortunate people possess full movie theaters in their homes. Yet even with all of these things, people are still missing out on the true golden nugget that is going out to see a film in the theaters. The whole of the experience is what makes that movie so memorable, and lasting. Seeing The Matrix for the first time with all of my middle school friends. Sitting in the IMAX and watching the first fight scene of 300 unfold in front of me. Watching the world crumble in front of my eyes during 2012. These moments have stuck with me, and will for many years. Not to mention the disappointment of then watching those same films on my home system and being a little disappointed because it could in no way compare to the experience I had the night I went to go see it.

That’s just what makes the movies so enriching. Going out, doing something different rather than the usual stay in and watch a movie. You make a night out of it. Go to a dinner and movie with some friends, or a special someone, and then enjoy the conversation on the way home critiquing what you just experienced. Was your mind expanded, or were you drastically let down? Was that A list actor a bit too over the top with their performance?

Then again, if going out and being social just isn’t for you, then sure there are tons of options to keep you home. Thankfully enough there are now options to bring home that experience that is closer and closer to the real thing, but it still is not the same. Your home theater doesn’t force you to sit next to a stranger, then leave with an underlying connection because you just shared an experience. If your home theater does do this, then please call me, because the prices are getting a bit out of control, but still worth it, in my mind, to share the memories.




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