Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Tips

29 01 2010

When submersed in the fast-paced setting of Modern Warfare 2’s Online Multiplayer, there are some specific tactics that you will need to take into account to be an effective force on the battlefield. You have to think that the developers sat and chiseled out these amazing circumstances to play in, and in order to really succeed at MW:2 you have to try and understand what the developers were thinking when creating the game, and how to utilize the tools they have given you. There are a lot of implementations added to the gameplay that will make you accomplish some pretty amazing feats in MW:2 Online.

First and foremost you have to get in touch with speed. Call of Duty is one of the only games you will ever play in the modern online FPS universe that doesn’t implement a wait to respawn. The second you die, you press X and your right back in the action. On top of that, you are handed a kill-cam, that will show you precisely who killed you, from where, and with what. It completely solves the plague of camping, and keeps you on your toes after every kill. Talk about pressure for a sniper! You know that guy you just killed all the way across the map is now really wanting a piece of you, and knows exactly where to find you. The only way you as a player can counteract this is READ YOUR RADAR! Have knowledge of know where the enemies will be coming from to get you, and where your allies are sitting to cover your angles. Never have your back turned for too long. Too often when someone is walking into my cross hairs and I am just about to pull the trigger, I get shot from my left hand side, totally blindsided, and feeling very bitter.

Another awesome feature that has made MW:2 Multiplayer so innovative is the Perk system. Utilizing player enhancements in different categories and styles, you can fashion yourself into a specific soldier on the field. The possibilities are really quite remarkable. If you fashion yourself a fan of quick Recon and lots of slashing, add the Marathon, Lightweight, and Commando perks to your player and just watch the melees pile up. Or if you fancy yourself more of a guns blazing type of person try Bling or One Man army for Perk 1 and Stopping Power or Danger close for Perk 2. Danger close is a great fan of anyone who loves the Grenade Launcher. The perk system will balance out rather well, not giving any one person too much power, but allows you as the player to accentuate certain strengths and weaknesses that fit how you like to play.

One serious element that plays a major role in the battle at ground level is Air Superiority. A couple of good Air Strikes or Helicopter approaches could drastically change the tide of the fight. As a soldier you really only have one line of defense against these flying predators. That is your stinger or javelin missile systems. Have a Custom Class with one of these equipped at all times, so you can have the confidence of knowing you can reign on the parade of some jolly-go-lucky guy tearing it up in the attack helicopter. To take away a teams Air Superiority can make them impotent for the rest of the match and give your team the upper hand it needs to hold down B till the end of the round, or diffuse that bomb when you need to. Granted, you too have to be on the lookout when you get behind the trigger of an AC-130, but all you can do then is reign down as much as you can, and hope you have what it takes to keep them pinned down long enough to rack up a nice amount of kills.

These are three solid tips to help you gather a grasp on what it means to play Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2 Online Multiplayer. Practice keeping these thoughts and ideas in your head and you will hold a strategic advantage above the average competition. Its really up to you the player getting comfortable with the weapons and their specific limitations, as well as utilizing the perks to create your own personal soldier. This is how you can really become a force to be reckoned with on the digital battlefield. Once you get comfortable in your skin, come find me on Xbox Live(WyReD55), and well do some serious damage together. Next episode we will cover some more in depth tactics to really help you dominate the online battlefield. Happy hunting!




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