Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Tips Part 2

1 03 2010

Well here we are for my second installment of CoD:MW2 Multiplayer tips. Last issue we covered speed, perks, and controlling the skies with whatever anti-air you have available. This time around, we are going to get a bit more specific, and start breaking down specific styles of playing. As most FPS games, namely Team Fortress, you have specific classes to use as titles for your soldier. The ever elusive sniper, The balls-to-the-wall Heavy Soldier, the general Assault Soldier, your Swiss Army Knife on the battlefield, and the quick and silenced Recon genre. Everyone has their personal favorites, but all of them have their advantages.

One thing you can’t neglect is just how the developers level design went into creating a certain pace for every game. If your like me, and pro dominantly play Ground War, or simply have a preference of Deathmatch and Domination game types, you will be able to connect with me a bit more on just how to navigate the levels to accomplish your goals on the battlefield.

This issue we will be focusing on snipers. One thing you cannot forget is just how friendly this game is to snipers. Given enough time to search the levels, there is a pleasant little sniper perch placed around on each one. Some levels more numerous than others. Afghan, Estate, Derail are all aimed in favor of the long sight lines, and open area movement that really becomes a snipers breeding ground.

Afghan has lots of great hiding spots with long sight lines

Derail has a great abundance of places to hide, but foot traffic can take a while to get to you

Estate is a difficult level. Almost nowhere is safe, and you always have to watch your back

It takes a lot of patience to be an effective sniper. It is most definitely not for everybody, but if you are willing to take the time to master the skill, its benefits will start to seep into the rest of your playing. Once you know not to rush yourself around those corners, or start finding your own little hiding spots in the levels that give just a bit more of an edge in the battlefield, suddenly you’ll start watching your K/D ratio start shooting way up.

My play style was, for the longest time, very rushed, and I would just try to muscle my way through doorways with lots of explosions. Sure this can be effective from time to time, but averagely it will take a few try’s and a couple of extra deaths to figure out where people are and how to make it through, or around. Sniping really changed how I approached playing, and makes your behavior a little more sly on the battlefield. Then when you start playing levels like Skidrow, Invasion, or Karachi, your gonna start finding new and better places to take advantage of the battle waging in front of you.

Skidrow has a couple of really serious choke points that you have to approach the right way, or you'll never get through.

The only place I ever really feel comfortable in this level is in the Bus Stop, or the Rooftops adjacent to it

Once you get into the center of this city block, there are so many doorways and windows that next to nowhere feels safe.

Your best bet to pick up sniping quicker is to take notes on how other talented snipers play. Use your killcam to see where they are, if you can. Follow someone around and see how consistently they can find spots that reduce exposure, cut down on angles they have to monitor, and placed around areas of heavy traffic. Its not until I started sniping regularly (right now I have three classes dedicated to the Intervention alone) that I started having consistent games where I am hitting 3:1, 5:1 or even 8:1 k/d ratios regularly. Especially considering that since you aren’t always running balls deep into a firefight, your length of life increases ten-fold. Plus, you get to use your Killstreak Rewards a lot more!




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