Halo: Reach Review

7 10 2010

Ahhh, well just what we have all been waiting for. Another installment in the Halo Universe. All fans take a moment of silence to pay respects to those who have bestowed this moment upon us, and smile.

Now, with that out of the way, let us tour the fun and inviting world that Bungie has created for us in this, their last installment in the Halo Universe. This, of course, being due to the licensing issues with Bungie being owned by Activision now. (Can anyone say Bungie: Call of Duty: Future War?) The sense of parting that Bungie has left us with in this game can be felt in just about every nook and cranny. There are endless hours of entertainment with a fun and engrossing Campaign, addictive and competitive Multiplayer, relentless Firefight, and the grossly immersive Forge, Notably redesigned for Halo: Reach.

The Halo: Reach campaign starts out with your Squad, Noble Team, being assigned to locating some missing troopers in a nearby village. Your team will be airlifted in and shortly after find out that, just as with everything in the Halo Universe, the troopers are dead and the Covenant are behind it. What starts out in the first couple of missions as a bunch of small skirmishes, eventually plumes into all out war, with some very impressive scenes involving some very heavy duty action.

The AI has been impressively revamped for Reach, with some pretty noticeable enhancements. Many an Elite has made me learn that you can no longer run into a group of enemies and trust in melee. Their movements are swift, smooth, and rather intelligent. The heroic difficulty gave me more to work for in Reach than Halo 3 by far, and forget about Legendary. There is a 150GP award for completing legendary on your own, and justly so. You can expect to log around 10 to 12 hours into the campaign, depending what difficulty you play on.

Halo’s signature Multiplayer is there as well, in all of its glory, there to eat away at hours of your life, and frustrate you beyond all repair. The credit system used in Reach (cR’s) to enable you to rank up is a fun addition, with a lot of great rewards for your time and efforts. You earn cR’s in all game modes of Reach, plus the daily and weekly challenges sponsored by Bungie which assign you to different tasks in Reach to gain bonus cR’s, as well as keep you involved in the many different types of the game.

The scope of Halo: Reach was large, and Bungie did a great job of bringing their vision to life in the constraints that they faced. I feel as though the the graphics was a bit compromised to allow for more room in the game. The water effects are rather poor, and some of the scenes happening in the distance have a much different feel than other Halo games. When you zoom in on an enemy, sometimes it will look a bit like the enemy and the ground its on do not mesh how they should. This is the first time I have experienced this in a Halo game, and I attribute it to short comings in the hardware.

In order to keep this brief, I will close by saying that with everything Bungie lovingly packed into this game for us, this game is another winner that belongs on the shelf of any Halo fan out there. There are plenty of hours to be lost in this final installment of the Halo that we have come to know and love in the past decade (Halo Wars Excluded). Wrap your hands lovingly around your controller, and start fragging, cause before you know it, this game will be history.




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7 10 2010
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7 10 2010
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